Saturday, November 10, 2012

Turning 30 years old.OMG!

   I recently turned 30. And during the journey of 30, i have learned so much things in life. My close friends kept on asking me where to have dinner? Then i said, lepak Upperstar sajalah. 2 days before my birthday, i told my mom that i am getting old and wrinkly. My mom said i was just look good for my age. 'Jangan malas minum Collagen, jangan suka beli makeup sembarangan,'she told me. Astaga,LOL!LOL!LOL!
Someone asked me what i want for my birthday? I am a very simple and not demanding person (mode perasan). For me the joy of receiving gifts has no relation to how much it costs, but how much meaning it brings. But when a man, takes heart into a woman's real needs and gives her a surprise, that's when the gift becomes really special.Ha.Ha.

A big thank you to all my friends for making my birthday so special..xoxo...:)

Bakal pengantin baru pun sempat datang...Thanks dalink...

If your wish doesn't come true,something better was meant for you...:D

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