Sunday, August 24, 2014

Late Entry

Hi everyone! Resuming duty after a long break is indeed a tough job. And i hate it when i have to be separated away from my favorite niece. I just wish that i could take another long break and spending some fab. time with her. It is sad to learn that everyone is growing up too swiftly. Time fly so fast, damn! We just need to cherish every moment and never miss the opportunity to telling those special people in your life how much they are meant to you. 
Just wanted to share a sad story that happened last 2 weeks before Raya. My old friend's husband was killed in a gory accident when the car that he is traveling in crashed into a tree and turned into a ball of flames. Her late husband was burnt beyond recognition. I fell that my heart as if shattered into a million pieces after hearing that news. What i remember is I haven't see him for the past 8 years. Now he has gone. I just hope that my friend and her children will be able to move on slowly. I believe it's good to prepare for tomorrow, but don't let it bother you too much until you forget to enjoy today. Always believe in Allah.
Different story now. I cant even express how grateful i am that this year Raya, my brother and his wife able to gathered with our parents. Thanks mom for preparing some homemade cookies and some bought cookies for this time celebration. I have a confession to make: I don't love cooking but what i really love is food, food and food. Because i am not good in cooking, so i just decided to let mom preparing home-cooked 'lauk' to bring back to my grandpa's 'kampung'. I just help mom cutting this and that and throw it in a pan. It's really fun though.He.he Owh ya, another good news for Jaafar's family. I will expecting to have another addition to my family tree.
My sister in law is now pregnant with her second child. I just hope and pray that everything goes well. My baby niece turned two few days after Raya. Lots of personality on this 2 year old! She really loves to sing Alphabet song, running here and there. And here i just wanted to share random images when i was home. Enjoy..:)