Sunday, January 19, 2014


  Today is 19th January 2014.  

 I hope it's
still not too late to wishing everyone a fabulous new year. May this year bring more happiness, hope, love, laughter and brightness to all of us. New year is the time when all people around the world making their promises. Hah it is during this New Year time that everyone resolute to be fit and loose some inch of fat, to save some money, to work hard and smart bla bla bla..... There is absolutely nothing you can achieve in this year. All you need is hard work and a lot of faith. Bismillahirohmanirohim.

On new year's eve, me and my junior colleague was having fun at the Marina Bay Cafe, Sutera Harbour.

We ate a lot, gossiping a lot and laugh a lot. We keep on talking about our new resolutions. I told her that i want to keep fit, healthy and strong. I want to lose my weight from 60kg to at least 50kg. I hate to see that ugly fat protruding from my baby T. I hate it when somebody stupid asking me that if i am pregnant. Uwaaaaaaaa
Owh ya, i just got my new kicks for this year. I really really like the color of my shoes.
While writing this post now, my new NIKE shoes still kept nicely in box-unused. Choi choi choi!

  But as my buddy always said resolutions are meant to be broken. But never mind, you still can revised your resolution or put off until the next year. 1 of my resolution for this year, i want to save more money every month and I'm planning to move to my new nice apartment before mid of this year. I am a bit anxious each time i talked about my new apartment because i am thinking to bring along my baby together with me but i am afraid she might not gonna like it.

 I have heard that cats are not big fans of change. Haiyaaa...
I will post about my new nice apartment very soon.Can't wait to share the before and after pictures of my apartment in few weeks from now.