Monday, December 9, 2013

My day has come

Hard to believe that year 2013 is coming to a renewal of 2014 soon. I really missed blogging! Memories of those moments of nice weather shinning day were still vivid. I need to further my study more. Determined. For those who have always stood by me, words of thank you....from my heart.

Last 2 weeks, i managed to attend my convocation at the PICC, Putrajaya. It was happy, happy, happy day on Saturday. 2 years of long persevered endurance, my dream to be a degree holder with honors has prevailed. I am amazed and flattered. Should i prestiged marriage as the first on the list, shall though the moment of graduation be my definite no 2. From top to toe, glaringly new donning matching fashionable adornment. Perfect grooming in my eye. Luckily Mahsa University has not ruled for covered black shoe. Amboi, showing off yeah...
Look at my green shoes
  Indeed, it isn't an extraordinary thing, more or less like a formal ceremony whereby thousands of similar graduand came to receive the ultimate scroll. This would be my 3rd convocation. So qualified now. Donning my MORTAR box. Everyone should know the waiting for your turn would always be a real pain for the sake of a short 30 seconds onstage glamor. Anyways its past tense now.

  Owh yes, for my parents, thank you for all the supports all these whiles. Also to my brothers, my in law and my close friends. Special for Sunny, thank you for your companionship and entertaining me. I love you. Eh by the way, Sunny is a cat. My cat. Meow.

It's from my mom and dad